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First wrinkles 30+

Regardless of skin type, at a certain age the problems associated with aging skin start to occurring. Factors influencing this condition are always the same, but the difference is the degree of their severity. It is true that the rate of aging is genetically determined and we have little power, but we can slow down this process by proper care and a healthy lifestyle. It is very important to avoid stress, which interferes with the natural adaptability of the skin. Other things that are equally important: relaxation, walking in the fresh air, adequate sleep. The second, equally important step, in addition to a healthy lifestyle is to neutralize changes in the skin, caused by environmental pollution and sunlight. It is mainly about the effects of particles called free radicals, which destroy proteins and are the causing: the appearance of wrinkles, skin drying, and a general acceleration of the aging process. It is therefore vital to remember, that the first signs of aging appear imperceptibly, but consistently, so it is important to prevent wrinkles before they entrenched themselves.

When to use:

When your skin betrays the first signs of aging and slowly regenerates. It is less radiant, rougher and dry, lines and wrinkles under the eyes occur, mainly because of dehydration. As a result of disruption of the keratosis process, skin changes color, deteriorating its structure and appearance. Micropigmentation and capillaries are visible, especially if you do not protect your skin enough from the sun.

Our treatments give the following results:

  • delay the effects of aging of the skin
  • reduce already formed wrinkles
  • neutralize free radicals - antioxidant
  • increase the skin's ability to bind water
  • strengthen the natural hydro-lipid layer
  • reduce trans-epidermal water loss
  • control keratosis process and reduce feelings of roughness,
  • relax the skin, removing fatigue and stress
  • stimulation of fibroblasts
  • stimulation of collagen synthesis – firming.