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Treatments for slimming and shaping the body

Adipose tissue acts as a thermal protection against mechanical damage and as a reserve of energy. Most often it accumulates on the abdomen, hips, thighs and shoulders. The reason of excessive accumulation of body fat is supplying the body with too much energy in relation to energy consumption, poor diet, a lack of exercise, certain medications and genetic factors, as well as aging of the body.

When to use:

  • if you are not satisfied with your current weight,
  • you want to shape your body,
  • you want to have a more proportionate silhouette,
  • you want to cleanse the body and oxygenate the tissue,
  • you want to strengthen the muscles and skin.

Our treatments give the following results:

  • shaping the body and slimming your silhouette,
  • breaking down the fat through lipolysis and burning,
  • improvement in microcirculation and metabolism,
  • eliminating toxins and excess water from the body,
  • preventing the accumulation of new fat cells,
  • cellulite reduction and skin smoothing and strengthening,
  • helping in obtaining ideal body weight.