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Personalized diet plan for children and teenagers

Nutrition of children and adolescents should ensure proper physical and mental development and minimize the risk of diet-related diseases later in life. Did you know that over 22% of children in Poland are overweight and obese, that the length and quality of sleep and the amount of time spent in front of the computer are among the obesity risk factors? Can you judge if your child is affected? As children grow up, they become more and more independent, they begin to have their own views on nutrition, physical activity and health. As they spend more and more time away from home, they choose and purchase meals and snacks. Unfortunately, these are not the right choices, as nearly 50% of students declare that they eat sweets such as bars, jellies, biscuits and sweet drinks several times a week. Thus, at this stage, education about nutrition and health becomes a priority in their proper development and will pay off throughout their adult life.

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