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Gray hair tinting for men COVER 5

Cover 5 is designed for men who want to cover up their gray hair, to give discreet and perfectly natural result without a radical change in appearance. This treatment can be beneficial for men who has up to 50% gray hair.

After this treatment, the gray hair become less visible and hair regains youthful appearance. The change is visible but discreet, it is in perfect harmony with the natural shade of hair. Hair looks "refreshed", and the result is long lasting.

Gray hair tinting for men is performed using Cover 5, which uses Chrono-Blend technology, which uses carefully selected, balanced coloring, giving an extremely natural effect. It is a gel coloring method, ammonia-free, naturally darkening gray hair. The maximum effect is obtained in just 5 minutes. Cover 5 is enriched in Incell, ensuring 100% protection of hair.

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Gray hair tinting for men

It is required to add a price for a haircut or styling to the price of the treatment.
120 PLN
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