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Cryolift + Mesoestetic treatment

Additionally, we offer four exclusive variants of Cryolift procedures extended with Mesoestetic treatment, depending on your needs:

Energy C - treatment with vitamin C created in response to the first signs of skin aging. Thanks to specially selected ingredients (vitamin C, pineapple extract, hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, hamamelin) after only one treatment, you can notice very visible effects (lightening of the skin, smoothing of the first wrinkles, deep hydration and improvement in skin tone).

Radiance DNA - treatment with a potent firming action - concentrated serum is based on [meso] recovery complex, as well as acetyl hexapeptide, malachite extract and Q10, resulting in improved skin density and its structure. Active substances also exhibit the properties of drainage and detoxifying.

Stem Cell - intensive and effective treatment for the face and neck containing preparations of strong regenerating and rejuvenating properties. Active ingredients: extract of plant stem cells, wit. C, E, and aloe. Treatment consists of serum, a mask with 3D nanofibers and revitalizing cream to use at the home.

Collagen 360° - intensive firming treatment, that improves the firmness and density of the skin, designed for the face and neck to stimulate collagen synthesis. Active ingredients: enriched marine collagen. Treatment consists of serum, mask with 3D nanofibers and firming cream to use at the home.

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