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Alliance Endermology - a new dimension of LPG endermologie®

After 30 years of research on connective tissue, the French company LPG has created an innovative patent, enermologie® Alliance, which allows to recreate the natural processes of its regeneration. The new patent combines the most effective technologies ensuring more intense and faster skin stimulation. The revolutionary technology made it possible to develop the best method that allows to obtain the three most important treatment effects at the same time: fat reduction, cellulite smoothing and skin firming, reducing the treatment time to 30 minutes and reducing the number of repetitions in the series.

Nothing will ever be the same again. From now on, even more efficiently and even faster thanks to the extremely comfortable Alliance endermologie treatment.

Innovative treatment head - a new patent

The automatic rollers, known for their effectiveness, have been enriched with a motorized flap that enables multi-dimensional tissue penetration. The previously required three different movements of the treatment head, thanks to a new patent combining a motorized roller and a flap, have been replaced by a simple system of contact of the head with the skin, which affects the treatment experience. The new patent guarantees an even more comfortable treatment, at the same time affecting 3 aspects: slimming, firming and reduction of fatty tissue, which accumulates in the form of cellulite, which is difficult to remove.


Skin identification sensor

The new Alliance patent has a unique Alliance Skin Identification Sensor (ASI), which enables the procedure to be performed while precisely adjusting to the quality of the tissue, its delicacy, fibrousness, lack of elasticity, etc. This guarantees a high standard of treatment safety and the ability to adapt to various therapeutic problems.

Alliance Endermology - effects confirmed by research:

  • firming the skin of the face and body 71%
  • waistline -5.2 cm
  • smoothing cellulite 67%
  • smoothing wrinkles 87%
  • full effectiveness and quick results after the third treatment 

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LPG Alliance Endermology - a comprehensive body treatment

100% natural, non-invasive and effective method of mechanical skin stimulation that reactivates cell metabolism in a natural way. It works to release fat and sagging skin, while fully respecting the biological balance of the whole organism.
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