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Wrinkle fillers

Fillers are very effective to maintain young and beautiful appearance. These substances are injected in a specific volume cutaneous or subcutaneous, which by lifting the surface layers of the skin allow its formation by correcting wrinkles and folds and restoring the shape of specific face areas. Treatments are adjusted to your needs, and the results are immediately visible.

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is the most popular filling product. Immediately after surgery the preparation reduces wrinkles and improves tissue volume. Hyaluronic acid, beside its filling properties, works from the inside giving the effect of a strong skins stimulation. Stimulating its regeneration, it improves the density, moisture and elasticity level of the skin. As a result, even after hyaluronic acid is absorbed, lines are shallower than before the treatment. The effects are immediate and lasts around 10-12 months.


Radiesse filler is based on calcium hydroxyapatite and suspended in a gel transporter consisted of water and glycerol. The formulation not only corrects wrinkles and facial contours (immediately after injection) but also stimulates the skin cells (fibroblasts) for collagen production, which in turn causes skin thickening and improve its elasticity and firmness. After it is injected deeply into the skin, the gel is absorbed and replaced by newly formed collagen fibers but calcium hydroxyapatite remains at the place of injection. This process continues for several months after the treatment and the lasts about 12-18 months.