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Eyelash extensions

Nouveau Lashes is currently the top and the most appreciated method of eyelash extension, created for women, that expect long-lasting effect. Thanks to the complementary treatments, you can continuously enjoy the phenomenal lashes.

Silk 3D eyelashes

Nouveau Lashes is a selective brand, responding to the needs of customers, looking for services and products of the highest quality. Silk lashes 3D Nouveau Lashes are irreplaceable, a perfect way not only to look stunning on the wedding day. It is a favorite method of eyelash extension of Polish women, addressed to ones, who want to wear eyelashes permanently.

3D mink lashes

Extremely delicate and natural Siberian lashes with mink bristles is a very unique material, which does not weighting down your natural lashes. You can achieve a beautiful effect of density with it. Mink eyelashes are characterized by incredible lightness, because they can be used even for very weak natural lashes, so there are no restrictions regarding eye styling.

Xtreme Lashes 1:1

Xtreme Lashes ™ can give you a beautiful, natural look. They emphasizes the eyes, visually enlarge them, provide a seductive glances full of splendor. Your new lashes are long, thick and beautiful! To enjoy them, you do not need to change your lifestyle. They are resistant to water, sweat and tears, so you can swim with them, bathe and exercise freely. They work great at special occasions and during everyday life.

Let’s Go eyelashes

An innovative method of lengthening and thickening eyelashes - Let's Go, allows for a spectacular effect as early as 30 minutes! Eyelashes are seductive, tempting and phenomenal. This method is based on a special application system of individual lashes. They are applied for 2-3 weeks and professionally removed after this period. It is completely safe for your natural lashes and comfortable to use. It’s aimed primarily for ladies who do not want to wear extensions on a permanent basis, but in special occasion.