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Permanent laser hair removal

Effective and sustainable Laser Hair Removal Laser Palomar Medical allows permanent reduction of unwanted facial and body hair in a comfortable and safe way. This is an excellent method of hair removal for both women and men. A series of several treatments can forever free you from having to remove unwanted hair.

In the 90's the Palomar company has developed a pioneering technology for permanent hair removal and received the Certificate of the US Department of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for this type of treatments. The patented technology provides a specific wavelength, a large spot size, improved contact cooling technology and impulses for customers with different types and colors of skin and ones with thinner hair. Clinical trials demonstrated, that Palomar applicators shown in hair removal treatments from the face and body, excellent results with the added comfort of the treatment.

Laser hair removal – how it works?

Laser Palomar Medical intended for hair removal, emits pulsed light which acts on the hair follicle. During the procedure, the laser head is applied to the desired area of ​​the skin and a beam of light that penetrates the hair follicle is emitted. This light is absorbed by the pigment located in the follicle and converted into heat, which releases the hair and damage the unit responsible for the growth of new hair. The patient at the moment of sending the pulse feels a tiny pinprick. With the cooling head, the treatment is much more comfortable than other similar technologies.

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