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The Olaplex hair care system us used during hair treatments in the salon. It has been developed to replicate and regenerate hair disulfide bonds, which are being destroyed or broken during chemical treatments such as coloring or bleaching, exposure to high temperatures and mechanical damage. With its unique, patented formula, Olaplex rebuilds broken disulfide bonds of hair, making sure the hair is regenerated, soft, smooth and perfectly shiny after just one treatment.

Olaplex system enables a radical change in the color of the hair, leaving it in perfect condition.

Olaplex - when to use

The Olaplex can be used during the hair coloring or discoloration treatment. You can use it to bleach or dye your hair in any color, with waving, straightening or permanent keratin treatments. It can also serve as a stand-alone restorative and nourishing hair treatment.

To sustain the effect, Olaplex has developed product, called Olaplex No 3 Hair Protector to use at home between treatments.

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