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Beautytek - FAQ

What determines the effectiveness and efficiency of the treatments?
The effectiveness of treatments depends on the condition of the skin and its ability to regenerate. Greater efficiency is noted in people before the age of 50. This is due to the fact that in the next few years, various disease processes, which we "earned" with our lifestyle will start to progress and the repair mechanisms will not be as effective. After the age of 60 it is harder to quickly achieve a satisfactory effect, eg. to improve the contours of your face. For people with various disabilities, body can use the stimulated repairing processes in more needy areas with less cosmetic effect. In people with metal implants it is difficult to read the parameters of the tissue so that there is need for more treatments. The effects also depend on lead lifestyle. Lack of exercise, poor nutrition, stress, diseases, excess drugs, smoking, inadequate intake of water for many years have an impact on the today’s body condition. They have been ‘remembered’ through tissue and they affect its regenerative processes. The camera will create a feedback from your tissue and maximize these processes by stimulating the ion exchange, oxygenation, nutrition of internal cell structures and the alignment of their potentials. This is absolutely the best treatment that you can give your body, to be biologically rejuvenate, purify and energetically strengthen. It is not just a cosmetic treatments but it also has positive impact on your health. Studies has shown that as many as 70% of people see positive results after the first BeautyTek treatment, 20% of the results are visible after a few sessions and only 10% did not respond to therapy.

What is BeautyTek and for what types of treatments can be used?
BeautyTek is a biocybernetic camera, designed to heal, renew, revive and restore the bio-physical-chemical balance in human tissue. Camera rejuvenates and regenerates. It is used to lift breasts, buttocks and face, for weight loss, cellulite reduction, stretch marks, scars and acne.

How does the procedure look like and how long does it take?
The treatment is pleasant, safe and completely non-invasive. While the client lies on a comfortable bed, beautician moves around the skin delicate probes. It takes approx. 60 minutes, only the advanced treatment lasts one and a half hours. It can be performed in many series, preferably every other day.

What are the effects?
The effects are usually seen after the first treatment, and each following one perpetuates and intensifies them. It can be for example 2 cm breast lifting and a reduction in waist or buttocks of 4 cm. In the majority of cases, results are long-term, however, lifestyle also has a great influence on the appearance of our body.

Who is a candidate for a BeautyTek treatment?
People of all ages can undergo a BeautyTek treatment. Younger people do them prophylactically, a middle-aged or older to quickly restore the aesthetics of their appearance.

How to prepare for the treatment?
Please drink two glasses of water before leaving the house, do not drink coffee. Alcohol should not be consumed at the day and even the day before procedure. You should not smoke cigarettes an hour before the procedure.

Can undergo several treatments at the same time if this is my first visit?
One of the principles of treatment is to apply a series of treatments in a specific area of ​​the body. After completing a series, you can start working on another area of ​​the body or face. The idea is to stimulated regenerative processes culminated in a given area.