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Dermocosmetic peels

Dermocosmetic peels are a very effective, natural method of turning back the biological clock. They have a very beneficial effect on the dermis, leading to an increase in its thickness without causing inflammation.

With regular peels treatments, the skin's elasticity is improved. At the same time, an increased production of collagen fibers and mucopolysaccharides is observed, which leads to water retention deep in the skin, shallowing wrinkles, as well as long-term improvement of the biological and aesthetic properties of the skin. ### 

In this category we recommend treatments:


Azelaic acid peel 20%
A peel based on azelaic acid for normal, thick and not sensitive skin. It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties. It reduces sebum secretion and improves the quality of oily skin. It removes redness and pimples. Azelac
220 PLN
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