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Lip contour with shading

Permanent makeup Long Time Liner

Lip liner in conjunction with shading allows optically bigger lips and to correct the disparities between the upper and lower lip.

Using Long Time Liner Makeup Conture, first of all you choose a color from the color palette from natural lipsticks to the the most fashionable shades, that make your lips look great. Next, we outline your lips with the Conture Makeup. At the end, thanks to our wonderful technique with "Full-Lip-Shading" we blend the color onto two-thirds of the surface of your lips to give them a perfect shape and appearance.

Approximately 14 - 21 days after the procedure it is mandatory to perform a correction in order to strengthen and consolidate the results. The first adjustment is included in the price of the treatment, provided that it is made no later than 30 days after the procedure. The correction visit is reserved immediately after the procedure.

If mandatory adjustment will not be made before the due date, our office is not responsible for the final result and lasting of makeup.

With permanent makeup for lips, it is necessary to use tablets against the herpes virus, even if it had never occurred before. Herpetic drugs (Heviran 800m Zovirax – prescription and Hascovir - in some pharmacies without a prescription) should be taken for about 3 days before and 3 days after the procedure.


During 10 days after surgery:

  • do not soak, do not rub, do not touch the skin at the place of pigmentation,
  • under no circumstances should you wash with soap or treat with other cosmetics than those recommended by the lingerist places that undergo pigmentation,
  • avoid: sauna, spa treatments, swimming in the pool, sunbathing in the sun and in tanning beds,
  • you should moisturize your lips, so remember to apply on pigmented surface a very thin layer of cream recommended by your lingerist, to reinforcement skin regeneration,
  • disinfected your mouth several times a day, especially after meals and beverages, with recommended by your lingerist preparation.


  • avoid a strong sun exposure on pigmented skin and make sure your lips will not dry-out,
  • avoid aggressive peels in place of permanent make-up.

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