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Tropical oasis

Nutritional yogurt ceremony with mango and passion fruit

Pevonia Botanica

Yoghurt ritual of mango and passion fruit with an extra dose of vitamin C. Its fragrance brings you to the wonderful tropical oasis surrounded by a feeling of harmony, bliss and relaxation. It leads to a perfectly revitalized, refreshed, smooth, firm and visibly radiant skin.

  • Rejuvenating salt mousse with mango and passion fruit - body scrub that is enriched with squalane and extracts of mango and passion fruit. It restores the skin health and energy by releasing negative ions. This unique formula contains sea salt which is famous for its natural high concentration of minerals. Rejuvenating Salt mousse is the most natural way to restore skin health and radiance. This subtle and aromatic scrub gently cleans and nourishes the skin.
  • Tropical body wrap treatment with mango and passion fruit – It combines tropical extracts of mango and passion fruit which is rich in acids, apple, wine and lemon as well as potassium, calcium, glucose and maltose, fatty acids gamma fatty acid, linoleic acid and regenerating vitamin C . The product has a creamy yogurt consistency on the skin and it stimulates rapid and thorough absorption of the powerful anti-aging ingredients.
  • Bath Spa or Aemotio SPA- Clients will rest on a comfortable heated bed, allowing them to feel the beneficial effects of the hot saturated essential oils steam with herbs. The moist heat stimulates the secretory function of the skin by stimulating the excretion of harmful waste products and toxins. The steam penetrates deep into the skin and moisturizes it positively influencing its appearance
  • Tropical Balm with Mango and Passion Fruit - at the end of the treatment, the whole body is massaged with tropical lotion. The sensual scent from the procedure will accompany the client for the rest of the day.

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