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Garden cranberry ritual

Rejuvenating - a relaxing ritual for body that uses the unique properties of cranberries. It is recommended for people with tired, mature and vascular skin. The combination of exceptional natural resources provides the skin with natural vitamins and minerals. After the treatment, the skin becomes firmer and healthier and the smell of fresh cranberries remains on the skin producing a positive mood.

  • Cranberry sugar peeling with shea butter - body scrub with flecks of cranberry fruit revitalizes, refreshes and brightens tired skin. It provides many valuable vitamins, especially vitamins C and E, making it strengthens blood vessels and protects skin cells from aging. Gently cleanses and smoothens the skin and prepares it for further stages of the fragrant fruit care
  • Cranberry body massage with Shea butter - nourishing and rejuvenating skin massage with shea butter enriched with active compounds from cranberries for every stressed person. Excellent effect on dry skin damaged by excessive sun exposure. For smokers, it is a good way to improve skin tone. Massage regulates the pH of the skin, lifting it, slows the aging process of the skin, provides natural vitamins and strengthens the immunity of the skin. The smell of juicy cranberries also stimulates, warms and relaxes.
  • Japanese Facial Massage - A rejuvenating facial massage that provides a visible and long-lasting effects. It is completely natural and a non-invasive form of facelift and facial rejuvenation. It doesn’t only improve appearance, but also your well-being and gets rid of concentrated stress.

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