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Anita Sokołowska Uważam, że prawdziwe piękno zapewnia spokój i harmonię w życiu codziennym, a duchowa równowaga zawsze emanuje na zewnątrz ciała.
Dorota Gardias My work requires a very particular care of my appearance. I do not experiment with this things, specialists know best!
Julia Kamińska Bycie ambasadorką Ambasady Urody to zaszczyt. Jest tu profesjonalnie, pięknie, domowo, wręcz rodzinnie :-)...
Sylwia Madeńska

Sylwia Madeńska poleca Ambasadę Urody w Warszawie.

Katarzyna Herman Such a lovely place! Divinely even! And oddly always on the way…
Joanna Opozda Wizyty w Ambasadzie Urody to dla mnie pora relaksu i odprężenia. Oddaję się w ręce specjalistów, którzy doskonale znają moje potrzeby...
Aleksandra Niespielak There are many places in Warsaw, where you can take care of yourself- but only one in which I feel this good...
Izabela Trojanowska Ambasada Urody has for years been my go-to place, when I want to take care of myself...
Magdalena Perlińska Ambasada Urody to miejsce, w którym znajduję ukojenie dla ciała i ducha po intensywnym dniu na planie...
Ewa Szlachcic Już po pierwszej wizycie w Ambasadzie Urody wiedziałam, że jest to miłość od pierwszego… masażu :)...

Honey ritual SPA

Honey nutrifying - detoxifying ritual

SPA Ritual for the whole body with hot honey, fragrant pollen, royal jelly and velvety warm oils. The uniqueness of these products is not only for their beauty and therapeutic effect, but also for the aromatic properties that provide a unique experience. The sweet smell of honey influences the senses and leaves a seductive note on the body.

  • Aromatic sugar peeling - sugar crystals contained in the peeling with beeswax form a perfect complex that removes dead skin while nourishing the skin with a mix of ceramides. The natural shea butter and canola oil formulation nourishes, protects and softens the skin. The addition of vitamin C and vitamin E prevents premature aging and promotes radical scavengers.
  • Russian massage with warm honey - an exotic, one hour massage that involves coating the body with warm honey and olive oil which acts as warming and stimulating agent. The honey detoxifies and nourishes the skin and by massaging the honey on the body, it reduces muscle tension, accelerates skin regeneration, stimulates metabolism, improves blood circulation and acts against radicals and inflammation. It also causes deep and uniform nourishment for skins that are stressed, demineralized or have poor circulation. The massage is carried out in two phases: active - performed on the back and relaxing - performed all over the body.
  • Bath SPA or Aemotio SPA – You will rest on a comfortable heated bed, allowing you to feel the beneficial effects of hot, saturated with herbs and essential oils steam on your body. The moist heat stimulates secretory function of the skin by stimulating the secretion of harmful waste products and toxins. The steam penetrates deep into the skin and moisturizes it positively influencing its appearance
  • Honey Body Butter - rubbing deliciously scented sweetness of butter, which perfectly tightens, nourishes and protects the skin, giving it a silky smoothness, as well as moisturizes and nourishes.

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