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Loss of firmness 40+

Throughout our lives skin is wears off. Her delicate structures are damaged or degraded and are no longer able to fulfill its functions. With age, the body's ability to regenerate tissues decreases. The mechanisms governing the functioning of the skin start to working weaker, which is reflected in its appearance. Such natural, biological aging is further compounded with the effects of UV radiation. This leads to changes such as skin thinning, weakening of the protective functions, reducing the thickness of the dermis. The contact between the epidermis and dermis become less accurate and the phenomenon of shifting the equilibrium in the direction of the increased distribution of structural fibers occur and the connections between collagen and elastin is changed, which leads to the loss of its elasticity. Protective mechanisms are being damaged, for example the maintenance of the correct pH level. Extensive impairment of the sebaceous glands occur, noise is generated in the water and fat balance, which causes the skin to become dry.

When to use:

When you feel that your skin is dry, thin and delicate, it is easily irritated. The loss of firmness, solidity, flexibility and tension occur. Your skin has become rough, wrinkled, discoloration and broken capillaries start to appear.

Our treatments give the following results:

  • restoring energy and vitality of the skin
  • providing nutrients and antioxidants
  • stimulation of blood circulation and lymph
  • alleviate irritation
  • strengthening the immune system
  • reducing wrinkles and smoothing the skin
  • inhibition of the formation of new wrinkles
  • improvement in the elasticity, flexibility and lubrication of the skin
  • firming and shaping facial contours.