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Firming body treatments

Firmness and elasticity exist thanks to collagen and elastin - proteins forming an ordered network of fibers. Unfortunately, with aging, the body's ability to produce them is declining, whereby the fibers become weaker, thinner and more brittle. Muscle activity, which are constituting natural support for the skin also decreases. Often it is also caused by improper diet, intense weight loss and sedentary lifestyle.

When to use:

  • after excessive tanning session in the sun or in a tanning bed,
  • after pregnancy or intensive weight loss treatment,
  • in the absence of physical activity,
  • prophylactically, to achieve a beautiful, supple skin,

Our treatments give the following results:

  • strengthening the collagen and elastin fibers,
  • hydration, nutrition and tissue energizing,
  • stimulating the natural processes of cell renewal,
  • softening and smoothing the epidermis,
  • restoring cohesiveness and skin resilience,
  • improving muscle tone,
  • shaping, firming and lifting the body.