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Breasts are for some people a symbol of sex and eroticism, for others synonymous for motherhood, for all us however they are a symbol of femininity. Their size and shape is the result of genetic transfer and the changes which they are subject during our life - menstruation, pregnancy, lactation, weight fluctuations, menopause, and finally natural aging. The appearance of your breasts to a large extent also depends on the tension of the skin, which creates a natural bra, so that the breasts are firm and shapely.

When to use:

  • when experiencing a loss of body weight,
  • after pregnancy and breast feeding,
  • after intense tanning session in the sun or in a tanning bed,
  • when you are troubled by the signs of aging,
  • prophylactically to stimulate the muscles and skin,
  • before a big event to make the skin on the bust and neckline look beautiful.

Our treatments give the following results:

  • stimulating the production of collagen – improving elasticity,
  • hydration, nutrition and skin regeneration,
  • strengthening of the skin - the "natural bra",
  • firming, lifting and modeling bust,
  • smoothness, flexibility and improvement of skin tension,
  • reducing imperfections and skin damage.