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Treatments for vascular skin

Vascular skin is accompanied by expanded and cracked blood vessels, so-called. “Spider veins” and long-lasting erythema. Under the influence of local and general indications there is a burning, itching and warm sensation, sometimes swelling. Initially, these symptoms are transient, but gradually comes to a lasting change.

When to use:

When your skin has a tendency to panic reddening, temperature changes, UV radiation, and also the consumption of hot beverages or alcohol. On the face there is a visible mesh of extended, tiny capillaries, especially around the cheeks, nose and chin.

Our treatments give the following results:

  • sealing and shrinking dilated blood vessels
  • elasticizing and strengthens blood vessel walls
  • regulation of the osmotic pressure
  • improved circulation in the blood vessels of the skin
  • a decrease of erythema on the face
  • skin smoothing and evening its color
  • calming and soothing the skin
  • prevention of rosacea.