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Treatments for sensitive, irritated and allergic skin

Sensitive skin is a general concept, defining change which is the sum of many factors subjective and objective. You can have sensitive skin acquired or genetically determined. Since most men shave, they can suffer from ailments caused by irritation. Daily ritual of removing facial hair, contributes to the loss of moisture and a protective layer of fat, the skin becomes painful to the touch, red and dry. A huge impact on irritation have also an excessive amount of solar radiation, dry indoor air, stress, pollution, lack of exercise, poor diet and inadequate care.

When to use:

When you shave your skin "burns", you experience tightness, redness, inflammation of follicle. When all the toiletries give you a feeling of discomfort, burning and cause irritation, as well as if your skin reacts to temperature changes.

Our treatments give the following results:

  • delicate skincare and strengthening of the skin
  • softening and smoothing the epidermis
  • protection against external factors
  • stimulation of microsimulation and removal of toxins from the tissues
  • increased resistance to irritation
  • relaxation and soothing of irritated skin