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Revitalizing treatments

Tired, neglected skin with interrupted process of cellular respiration is gray, devoid of radiance and vital energy. It is characteristic for smokers and people, who work in closed, air-conditioned rooms, who over-use sunbathing and tanning beds. This type of skin much slower takes advantage of the active ingredients in cosmetics as cellular receptors responsible for the absorption of different stimuli become less sensitive to the stimulating effect of these nutrients and growth.

When to use:

When you feel, that your skin becomes dull, loses its radiance and color, lacks the vitality and energy. It is also ideal if you are after antibiotic therapy or excessive sun exposure, you smoke cigarettes and especially if you neglected your regular skin care.

Our treatments give the following results:

  • oxygenation, nutrition and skin energizing
  • stimulation of natural vital functions of cells
  • revitalization and stimulation of regenerative processes
  • improvement in blood and lymph circulation
  • improvement of color and skin structure
  • counteracting aging processes
  • moisturizing and preventing dehydration of the epidermis
  • protection against the harmful effects of free radicals.