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Body scrubs - smooth skin

Body scrub is a gentle, mechanical removal of dead cells and impurities from the surface of the skin to accelerate the process of renewal and regeneration of the epidermis. The scrub consists of  a thorough massage of the body with special exfoliating preparations containing abrasive particles. Depending on the needs and condition of the skin, we use salt, cream, algae, sugar, aromatherapy and other scrubs.

When to use it:

  • if you have neglected your regular body care
  • Your skin is rough and has a gray, earth tone
  • after excessive sunbathing in the sun or in a sun bath
  • when you are concerned about signs of skin aging
  • you want to remove minor skin imperfections
  • to optimize the penetration of active substances contained in skin care cosmetics

Our body scrubs give following results:

  • smoothing and cleansing the skin
  • improvement and evening the color
  • tissue strengthening and skin structure improvement
  • removal of dead epidermal cells
  • improving blood microcirculation
  • opening of the sweat and sebaceous glands
  • oxygenation and nutrition of tissues
  • stimulation of cell regeneration
  • preparing the skin for further care

Goups of treatments prices:

Sugar peel with shea butter

Mild sugar body peels gently exfoliate and nourishes the skin. Sugar crystals dissolve on the skin, leaving it silky smooth. Rich in vitamins and nutrients, the peels base is a blend of nourishing shea butter and high-quality natural oils - with
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Chocolate 150 PLN
Coffee 150 PLN
Goat's milk 150 PLN
Cranberry 150 PLN

Salt peel with shea butter

Intensive salt scrubs with Shea butter cleanse, moisturize and nourish the skin. It is made from sea salt which perfectly removes skin cells and provides the skin with valuable minerals as well as speeding up the healing of minor inflammation
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Day Spa Wilcza 22 621 58 69
Coconut 150 PLN
Bamboo 150 PLN
Grape 150 PLN
Guarana 150 PLN
Grapefruit 150 PLN

Organic body peel

Healing Earth
Organic whole body scrubs remove dead skin cells leaving the skin cleansed, smooth and soft. Rich natural ingredients from African organic product are used with exotic ground fruit seeds, coffee or ginger. The natural wealth of the African soil
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Day Spa Wilcza 22 621 58 69