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Yam amma deva holistic program for pregnant women

As soon as a woman feels the development of the child in her womb, she begins to feel wonderful. To protect this delicate beauty and keep the body in perfect balance during this period, we recommend a complete care program to maintain the health of pregnant women based on the principles of traditional Tibetan medicine Yam Amma Deva. The precious blend of active natural ingredients and argan oil strengthens the tissues and help to keep the skin well-nourished and flexible with a smoothing and modeling effect which is completely safe for both mother and child

Yam amma deva program

The Yam Amma Deva program therapist becomes a "guardian of pregnancy", selects a treatment cycle and home care and advices future mother in terms of nutrition, exercise and proper breathing. The complete series includes treatments in the salon and home care. The products used are based on natural active ingredients which are suitable for expectant mothers. This is combined with advantageous benefit of the unique massage techniques of Amma Deva.

Yam Amma Deva treatment program can be performed from the very beginning of pregnancy as a single treatment or one treatment per week. From 6 months onwards, there will be two treatments per week up to 15 days before expected birth.

Amma deva massage

Amma Deva means the feminine energy, the Divine Mother, who nourishes, nurtures and heals. The synergy created by massage and music ensures that the expectant mother can connect with her child, establishing a harmonious relationship from the first week of pregnancy. The intense vibrations and blend of music as well as the natural products stimulate the nervous system of both the mother and the baby growing in her womb.

The massage consists of four phases: preparation (for the child), the beginning of the massage (for mother and child), experiencing the massage (for the mother) and the end (for mother and child).

Amma deva music

Specially composed Amma Deva music helps mother to make contact with the child to establish a loving, non-verbal and emotional communication channel between them. The perception of sound is very important for unborn babies because their ability to hear develops in the fourth week of pregnancy and they can remember the sensations that they felt during this period in the womb.

Music, like massage, consists of four parts: preparation (for the child), mantra (mother and child), music (for the mother) and re-mantra (mother and child). Melodic line accompanied by the sounds in the background, ocean waves and crystal bells that help both the mother and child to connect with their own elements, while the mantra encourages the sense of unity between male and female.

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