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Facial treatments

The structure of male skin and of aging processes are different from those that can be observed in women. Also, the effect are different as we get older. Rough men's skin loses volume, density and flexibility of the tissue. In addition to differences between tissues in men and women, there are also different subjective expectations of aesthetic medicine. To reduce the signs of the passage of years and retain young, energetic look, we offer treatments prepared especially for men.

Cleansing and exfoliating

Thorough cleansing and removal of keratinized epidermis is a boon for all skin types, regardless of its type: at a young age, when seborrhea is a common affliction, and over the years, when the epidermis renewal cycle is significantly prolonged, causing deterioration of the functioning and appearance of the skin. Due to the fact that a thicker layer of dead cells is deposited, the skin cannot breathe properly, it becomes dry and gray, blackheads form.

Moisturizing treatments

When Your skin feels very dry after cleansing, it is rough and tight as a result of the daily shaving, it becomes red and is easily irritated. It often responds in peeling and roasting to weather conditions, cosmetics, soap and water. Sometimes around the cheeks, expanded blood vessels appears. And also, and perhaps above all, to protect the skin against the harmful effects of the external environment and delay the formation of wrinkles.

Anti-aging treatments

Our appearance and the rate of progression of the aging process depends on many factors: genetic predisposition, facial expressions, lifestyle, sun exposure, prolonged stress, weight fluctuations and smoking. Unlike the female, male skin is thicker and has a different structure of the tissue. 30 years old male can experience very little wrinkles, but after crossing that age, aging process is progressing much faster than in women’s case. The skin loses its firmness, folds, furrows, wrinkles, pigmentation appear. These changes can be slowed through appropriately selected program of skin care: professional and at home.