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Lips microblading

Lips microblading VelourLips, i.e. micropigmentation of the lips is an alternative to standard permanent makeup. The pigment is applied by hand using fine scratches into which the pigment is applied. The obtained effect is subtle and delicate, comparable to semi-opaque lipsticks and lasts for about 24 months. The treatment may be performed once or it may be periodically corrected.

When to use it

Lips microblading is dedicated to all ladies who dream of beautiful, shapely lips. With the VelourLips method we can:

  • enhance or slightly change the color of the lips
  • correct the asymmetry of the mouth
  • gently enlarge the lips

Advantages of the lip microblading treatment

  • the treatment allows you to forget about tinting and emphasizing the lip contour for a long time
  • an ideal treatment for people allergic to cosmetics
  • thanks to microblading you can adjust the volume and shape of the lips, it also allows you to correct slight asymmetry
  • after full healing, the lips look very natural, acquiring a delicate, pastel shade
  • the dye used for the treatment is completely natural

Treatments prices:

Lips microblading

The latest, manual technique of permanent make-up, which will gently emphasize the expressiveness of the lips, coloring them in a pastel color. After this treatment, the lips look very sexy. Before the treatment, we make a preliminary drawing
1200 PLN
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