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SunFX spray tanning

SunFX spray tanning is the healthiest and safest form of obtaining a beautiful skin shade. It ensures gaining the effect of tanned body with a nice, uniform skin tone without exposing the skin to harmful UV rays. Beautiful, golden complexion gives the impression of health, vitality, attractiveness and camouflages irregularities and blemishes on the skin.

Self-tanning treatments are recommended before a special occasion, meeting, vacation or for those who want to enjoy a summer tan all year round. If you want to look beautiful on a special occasion, it is best to perform a treatment on two or one day before the big day.

SunFX tanning - 100% natural ingredients

SunFX lotion is the only tanning system in the world, based 100% on natural ingredients and the highest quality, purest DHA. DHA, a substance used in SunFX lotions is the highest quality component, that is certified by Ecocert.

In Ambasada Urody you will find a wide variety of SUNFX tanning fluids, all series are available in three shades to choose from:

  • ORIGINAL - warm, brown tan gives a natural effect, safe for pregnant women and client’s prone to allergies,
  • ALOE THERAPY - deeply moisturizing lotions, containing aloe vera and green tea, in addition to tanning, give the effect of skin nourishment,
  • RAPID - ideal for summer and for all who suffer from lack of time, the rapid formula gives the tanning effect just after 2 hours after the treatment,
  • CARRIBEAN CHOCOLATE - a deep shade of tan, in Caribbean chocolate color for those, who loves a darker shades.

Treatments prices:

Spray tanning

Sun FX
Applying a bronzing lotion in a fine mist, using a special spray equipment. The procedure is performed while standing, in a special booth. The shade of tan is chosen individually to the
140 PLN
Day Spa Wilcza 22 621 58 69

Spray tanning wit pearl scrub

Sun FX
For the best and most long-lasting effects, before performing the treatment it is recommended to use a scrub, exfoliating dead skin of excess residual. Tan on prepared in this way skin is
260 PLN
Day Spa Wilcza 22 621 58 69

A touch of sun tanning treatment with a scrub

A self-tanning treatment performed with manual method. To add the effect of equally distributed tan, applying self-tanner is preceded by body peeling. Then we massaged odorless moisturizing self-tanning fluid with the gel-cream consistency. The
220 PLN
Day Spa Wilcza 22 621 58 69