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Silk 3D l-6D ashes nouveau lashes

Nouveau Lashes is currently the top and the most appreciated method of eyelash extension, created for women, that expect long-lasting effect. Thanks to the complementary treatments, you can continuously enjoy the phenomenal lashes.

Silk 3D lashes

Nouveau Lashes is a selective brand, responding to the needs of customers, looking for services and products of the highest quality. Silk lashes 3D Nouveau Lashes are irreplaceable, a perfect way not only to look stunning on the wedding day. It is a favorite method of eyelash extension of Polish women, addressed to ones, who want to wear eyelashes permanently.

A wide variety of types, lengths and thickness of eyelashes allows you to perform any kind of styling natural lashes, obtaining a strong effect of density. Because silk lashes are softer than those for 1:1 eyelash extension, they can be used even for very weak natural lashes, so that there is no restrictions on the styling and prolonging of lashes, even the ones, which are very thin and short, while achieving beautiful thick and long lashes without a heavy effect.

Volume 3D - 6D lashes

Volumetric 2D / 6D method allow you to get the effect of the maximum density. This formula and technique is developed for women who want to gain a seductive look. Thanks to the ultra-thin hair, you can apply even 6 times more of them than the 1:1 method, while maintaining the security of natural lashes. Thin, silk lashes are virtually undetectable and let you forget that you have them just after application.

Treatments prices:

Eyelash extensions 3D - 6D

Nouveau Lashes
3D method is based on application of few silk eyelashes to the 1 natural eyelash without weighting it down. Volumetric method is a new formula, involving placing by stylist the bows, created from several suitably profiled silk lashes to
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Medical Spa Wilanów 22 253 23 23
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