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Anti-aging Packages - Rejuvenating and Anti-aging

Unique anti-aging programs, offering comprehensive anti-aging care for the face, neck and décolleté. Anti-aging treatments are primarily aimed at prophylactic action, which consists in delaying the aging process of the skin and keeping it in a healthy, beautiful condition as long as possible. The right combination of anti-aging treatments with the use of effective cosmetics and modern devices matched to the type, condition and concern of the skin gives extraordinary results.

Sgns of skin aging - wrinkles, loss of firmness and elasticity

As with all organs, the aging process affects our skin. But unlike others, these changes become visible in the skin with age. They appear at the end of the second or early third decade of life. At first, fine lines begin to form between the nose and mouth, around the eyes, and on the forehead. As a result of the frequently repeated facial movements, the first expression lines are formed: laughter wrinkles, deep forehead lines and crow's feet. Over the years, the skin loses its firmness and elasticity as it produces less and less collagen and elastin, the main proteins that make up the skin. This causes the connective tissue to weaken, which in turn causes the skin to lose its tone, sagging and deep wrinkles to form. Due to gravity, wrinkles develop transversely, which can be observed in drooping cheeks or drooping eyelids.

Causes of skin aging - a decrease in the amount of hormones and free radicals

One of the main causes of skin aging is the decreased production of hormones in the body. Hormones that stimulate physical fitness, the efficiency of the immune system and cell regeneration (including testosterone, melatonin) are produced in large quantities only up to the age of 20. Due to the decline in their levels in the body, the functions of tissues, cells and organs begin to break down. Over the years, the skin has less and less ability to renew itself, and the regeneration time of cells is even doubled.

When to use it:

In order to keep the skin smooth and firm, it is best to start anti aging care as early as possible, before the age of 30, especially if it is often exposed to harmful external factors (excessive sunbathing, smoking).

Thanks to the appropriate anti aging care, we can also significantly improve the condition and slow down the aging process of mature skin.


Anti aging treatments provide adequate skin hydration and nourishment, protect and stabilize the tissues. They also support the natural processes of skin regeneration and renewal by removing the progressive signs of aging. It is very important to adapt such care to the individual needs of the skin to guarantee the optimal effect.

Packages prices:

A rejuvenating package for very dry skin 30+

The package includes 10 visits (10 treatments)
Anti-wrinkle and anti-aging program for dry skin. It consists of a series of deeply penetrating skin treatments providing its active substances: vitamins A, C, E and amino acids that fill skin defects and reduce wrinkles. It regenerates cells,
2600 PLN 2900 PLN
Day Spa Wilcza 22 621 58 69

A rejuvenating package for very sensitive skin

The package includes 12 visits (12 treatments)
A package of regenerating and lifting treatments for allergic and very sensitive skin. It is recommended for loss of tension and wrinkles. It thickens the epidermis, affects the proper functioning of cells accelerating their renewal, reduces
2600 PLN 2940 PLN
Day Spa Wilcza 22 621 58 69

Roll Cit - Medical

The package includes 6 treatments performed every 30 days
Created for people who are afraid to undergo plastic surgery and would like to obtain a lifting effect. The treatment increases collagen production, restores the proper tension of aging skin, reduces wrinkles, thickens the skin, makes it
3600 PLN
Day Spa Wilcza 22 621 58 69

Lifting and wrinkles correcting package 40+

The package includes 12 visits (12 treatments)
Therapeutic and corrective program for the face, neck, cleavage and eyelids. It is recommended for people with flabby and loose skin, with visible signs of aging, wrinkles and crow's feet. It uses two techniques to penetrate vitamins and
3100 PLN 3440 PLN
Day Spa Wilcza 22 621 58 69