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Schwarzy is one of the most versatile and technologically advanced devices for body shaping, reducing body fat, and strengthening and building muscles through neuromuscular stimulation.

The latest FMS technology, i.e. concentrated magnetic stimulation, triggers intense contractions to deeply stimulate the muscles, causing lipolysis in fat cells and apoptosis after adipocyte damage. Both of these actions lead to the reduction of body fat. During a 30-minute treatment on different parts of the body (buttocks, abdomen, hips, legs and arms), the muscles work like during three hours of exercise in a gym.

The effects are visible after the first treatment, while the optimal results appear after the series. Treatments should be performed twice a week, the average series is about 8 treatments. The obtained effects are permanent, and in order to maintain them, it is enough to use one treatment a month after the series is finished.

Effective muscle building and slimming of the figure.

The effects of Schwarzy treatments:

  • precise shaping of the figure
  • reduction of general and local adipose tissue
  • improving the shape of the legs, arms, buttocks and abdomen
  • firming body sagging
  • building, firming and strengthening the muscles of the entire body
  • preventing problems related to poor circulation

Treatments prices: