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Vela Shape

VelaShape is a series of three-generation non-invasive body shaping devices certified by the FDA (US government agency) confirming the effectiveness of reducing body circumference and cellulite. They are used by celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore, Madonna, Kim Kardashian.

VelaShape allows you to reduce the circumference of the body (e.g. hips, thighs or waist) by up to 7 cm, but also remove burdensome rolls on the back, armpits, under the breasts and even on the chin after 4 - 6 treatments. VelaShape is also a proven way to reduce cellulite and improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin of the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and arms.

VelaShape III

VelaShape III is the latest device from Syneron Medical for non-invasive body contouring. It combines the latest technical solutions and 10 years of experience from millions of treatments performed on devices of three previous generations of VelaShape around the world.

VelaShape II

VelaShape is the only non-invasive device certified by the FDA (US government agency), confirming its effectiveness in the field of size reduction and body shaping.