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Aemotio SPA - hydrotherapy bed

Aemotio Spa is the latest generation of multi-functional cabin that provides innovative treatments for body care and wellness. It combines several SPA functions that provides our customers with maximum enjoyment. The device integrates color therapy, infrared and water vapor, Vichy shower and a water mattress, which makes it possible to carry out professional water and hydro treatments as well as energizing treatment. Water and light in conjunction create a unique atmosphere, bringing deep relaxation and aesthetic experience not only for the body but also for the spirit.

Aemotio Spa is also used during relaxing treatments, peeling, anti-aging and anti-cellulite that are applied on the whole body.

Vichy shower - spray droplets "SUMMER RAIN"

Vichy shower with massage utilizes device that has a moisturizing effect on the body which allows you to experience feelings of irrigation, like drops of falling rain. Aromatic steam bath, which is electrically controlled by a specialized cabin, brings an incredible feeling of relaxation. At the same time, it is an effective slimming and firming agent. This is due to the increased efficiency of the active ingredients during the procedure.


These Aemotio SPA treatments are carried out using infrared. It serves to reduce muscle tension and accelerate skin absorption of nutrients contained in cosmetics. Infrared light also provides maximum comfort and enhances the effects of the slimming treatments. The therapy colored light LED also provides an exceptional holistic experience also. By appropriate selection of treatment and the use of various color, depending on the client’s needs, it can provide and create an energetic or relaxation aura.