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Bora Bora Ritual

Polynesian beautifying ritual

An exotic trip to the Polynesian island of love and a heavenly feast for the senses. After the treatment, the skin is perfectly moisturized, toned and becomes beautiful and radiant.

  • Lightening body scrub - the smallest sand from the exotic islands of Bora Bora combined with coconut copra and seaweed extracts create a gentle peeling sensation with a touch of magical scent. It subtly cleanses and illuminates the skin, leaving it wonderfully soft and flexible.
  • Coconut body wrap - coconut copra, a treasure trove of lipids and minerals, red seaweed and dry sea water are the genuine ingredients of this mask body with has a highly regenerating and revitalizing action. The body mask with coconut pulp will provide your skin with proper nutrition and hydration, softens and refines the skin. The sweet smell of coconuts is very soothing to the senses.
  • Polynesian body massage – one-hour relaxing body massage based on grape seed oil and exotic coconut oil. Perfectly regenerates the skin, protects against aging, firms and refines the skin. The air is filled with the sweet scent of coconut and Tiare flowers of paradise which brings the mind to the land of eternal happiness and bliss.

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