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Safe facial treatments during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman's life. To help future mothers to safely take care of the skin at this particular time we have prepared a set of selected treatments to make the skin look young and cared for. We will also help to choose the right cosmetics for at home care, which will keep in your skin in great shape during pregnancy. Time spent with us is also a great opportunity to rest from the problems of everyday life, to find peace, well-being and relaxation of body and soul.

Professional skin care for the future mothers

During pregnancy, abnormal coloration of the skin occur, arising from increased production of hormones that stimulate melanocytes - cells present in the skin responsible, among others, for broadcasting its corresponding color. This can cause the formation of visible stains on the face, especially around the forehead and temples, the so-called. chloasma.

During this period, we can observe the instability of vascular-motor and increased vascular permeability, resulting in telangiectasia. The skin becomes more sensitive, it easily reacts to external stimulants, typical are reactions to erythema.

Sometimes there is also intensive action of the sebaceous glands, the skin begins to shine, becomes gray, with earthy color, maculopapular pustular occur.

There is often a change in the type of skin, such as: dry becomes oily, the complexion may also become dehydrated.

Under the eyes bags, swollen eyelids are not uncommon. At the end of pregnancy, swollen cheeks and neck may occur, which is caused by suspending water in the body.

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