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Keratin hair regeneration - true keratin

Keratin therapy for regenerating hair from True Keratin does not affect the curl of tour hair and is designed to restore the health and flexibility of damaged hair. The system regenerates hair and restores its youthful appearance by repairing the damaged hair and provide them with long-term nutrition and protection. It works on all hair types and leaves them easier to maintain, soft and shiny.

Regenerating hair system from True Keratin contains pure keratin and is the only protein product, which scientifically proven effect is reflected in the quality of the restored hair ant its youthful appearance. True Keratin contains optimized dosage of many protein and amino acids, which are applied to the hair in their raw, natural state, not to damage their structure. By using argan oil and aloe vera, it effectively stores and seals amino acids and vitamins in the hair, giving them a nice healthy shine.

Clinical tests have shown that the natural properties of hair are preserved thanks to producing casing around each hair, rebuilding it in inside and on the outside. Keratin therapy also protects against harmful UV rays, chemical treatments, aging and daily treatments of washing and styling hair.

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