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Keratin hair straightening - Warsaw Wilanów

Keratin hair straightening from True Keratin is a treatment based on keratin, that naturally straightens your hair, without harsh chemicals.

True Keratin Therapy is gentle on the hair, it improves its condition and restores resistance to make them strong and flexible. It contains a very strong nutrients that transforms the hair and makes them shine. By introducing keratin deep into the hair coating, True Keratin affects the natural ingredients of hair, allowing them to achieve radical glow, beautiful smoothness and healthy, easy to maintain appearance. In addition, it immunizes the hair to weather conditions and counteracts the effects of moisture.

When to use

This incredible therapy has been developed for people who have curly, twisted or damaged hair. It is ideal for all women, who are fighting daily fizziness, whose hair is undisciplined and difficult to straighten.

Everyone can benefit from true Keratin treatment, even those with hair subjected to too many processes and destroyed by chemical treatments. Contrary to other therapies, it is suitable for colored and chemically straightened hair. Actually, the more damaged the hair, the better and longer the therapy will work, while deeply nourishing and rebuilding it. It is much more than just a way of straightening.

Effects of treatment

The immediate result of this treatment is softness, shine and elegance. Therapy eliminates unattractive twisting and maximizes the brilliance, while nourishing and improving the condition of the hair. Hair is wonderful, shiny and the time required for its styling is significantly reduced.

Depending on the length of the hair, the treatment should be reserved from 2.5 to 3 hours. Caution should be remained for about 2 weeks between the straightening and coloration.

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