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Wedding -A Perfect Wedding Make-up

The highest quality cosmetics guarantee the durability and quality of wedding make-up. The variety of products on which we work at Ambasada Urody allows us to adjust makeup to individual needs and meet even the most exorbitant expectations. A wide range of bases, concealers, foundations, shadows allows us to conjure up the most beautiful wedding make-up.

Stages of Wedding Makeup at Ambasada Urody:

  • application of an ampoule that illuminates, smoothes and gently tightens the skin, making it more firm
  • the use of a make-up base, which will gently even out the skin tone, inhibit the secretion of sebum (oily and combination skin), narrow the pores of the skin and extend the durability of make-up
  • selecting and applying the right type of foundation - a properly selected shade of the foundation guarantees the effect of subtle makeup
  • correction of any skin changes, discoloration, pigmentation changes around the eyes, nose and mouth
  • face powdering; it is a very important element of makeup because it guarantees its durability and proper preparation for a photo shoot
  • correction of the shape and color of the eyebrows
  • eye makeup; There are, of course, certain canons regarding wedding makeup, but for us, the client is the most important; it is for her, for her expectations, the color and shape of the eye and the colors of the wedding image, we choose colours, liners, shadows and mascaras
  • lip makeup, which must blend in perfectly with the whole look; it can be a delicate form of shading or a regular outlined lip line complemented by an eye-catching color of lipstick
  • face shape correction with bronzing powders, blushes, darker shades of powders; a professionally made correction can work wonders: we can optically slimmer, widen, lengthen or shorten the face and its individual elements so that we get a perfect oval
  • applying fixing spray that will allow makeup to stay fresh until the next morning.