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Icoone - sport treatment 20min

Icoone therapy is also used in sports medicine, where it is considered the best form of biological regeneration, and in combination with a specialized massage, it shortens the regeneration time and alleviates pain.

Sports massage performed in the Icoone therapy performs three main functions: warming up (preparation for training / competition), regenerating (accelerating the body's return to its initial state) and healing (supporting the treatment of possible injuries). As with general Icoone therapies, sports massages are also divided into individual programs, performed depending on the needs.



  • comprehensive massage before the competition - this program is performed during the entire training and starting cycle, while waiting for the competition, and during the transition period and during convalescence
  • pre-start massage - the program is aimed at competitors with "pre-start fever" has a calming effect, the massage is used immediately before the start
  • post-exercise massage, also known as regenerative massage
  • massage for fractures and sprains - the purpose of massage using this program is to help in the recovery period, regulate the nervous system, stimulate the skin and revitalize blood circulation
  • massage in cases of contractures - the main action of this program is to relax localized pain syndromes and restore the proper functioning of muscles and tendons
  • massage in cases of inflammation and carpal tunnel syndrome - the main goal of this program is the elimination of acute and chronic pain and relaxation of muscles and tendons
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