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Oriental thay holistic beauty treatments

Thay Beauty is a complementary care program based on the philosophy of Tibetan medicine. Tibetan medicine is based on the balance of the five elements that make up a human being in terms of physical, mental and spiritual- fire, water, earth, air and ether. When one of the components is not in harmony with the other, they are reflected in the body in the form of energy shortage which shows in the reclining health of the skin and body. The holistic approach takes into account the person as a whole and aims to restore the perfect balance and harmony to our body. A series of treatments will help to restore the right balance of energy in the body which leads to a tense, radiant skin and a nicely modeled figure.

Like all holistic therapies, Thay Beauty Holistic treatment includes the work on the body in a global sense, using all the tools that are capable of achieving the intended results. The valuable blend of Tibetan chromotherapy and aromatherapy are rich in active ingredients. Carefully composed music chosen depending on the ritual, specially selected massages, beautiful scents and enveloping textured cosmetics offer a unique experience and exceptional results.

In this category we recommend treatments:

RAM osmocell

Thay holistic beauty
Detoxifying and anti-cellulite ritual
A wonderful detoxifying and anti-cellulite treatment. It contains ingredients that a warming effect to the body which allows the release of toxins. Fire means heat, passion and life energy which shall be communicated by the detoxifying
420 PLN

BHAM dermodren

Thay holistic beauty
Slimming and swelling-eliminating ritual
Slimming and facilitates the return to a slim silhouette which is designed for pregnant women and people with the inappropriate body swelling. The water purifies and regenerates. Bham leaches toxins using aromatic oils (ginger, cinnamon,
390 PLN

YAM dermoelast

Thay holistic beauty
Firming and elastisizing ritual
This procedure involves the toning and firming of the skin of the body. Air element is the element that regenerates tissue, making them flexible and full of vital energy. Cycle Yam Treatment consists of natural products that are safe even for
420 PLN