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Selvert treatments

The philosophy of the Swiss brand Selvert Thermal is based on finding the most effective ways to support the natural self-healing skin. The base for cosmetic treatment is the need for skin to drain and detoxify, as a condition of the effectiveness of subsequent operations. It is done by natural ingredients of proven effectiveness. The brand also does not lack in the latest achievements of medicine, pharmacology, biology and biotechnology.

Beauty bio-treatments

Basic beauty bio-treatments Selvert Thermal are primarily aimed as a preventive action, which is to delay the aging process of the skin and maintain it as long as possible in a healthy, beautiful condition. Treatments provide adequate hydration and nutrition of the skin, provide protection and stabilize the tissue. They also support the natural processes of regeneration and renewal of the skin by removing the progressive signs of aging. It is very important to make sure that the skincare routine is suited your skin. It will ensure the optimal effect.

Beauty bio-treatments

Moisturizing is the base of skin care treatment and relies primarily on the prevention of water loss through the skin. Moisturizing treatments therefore have the task of protecting and enhancing the natural skin barrier consisting of the stratum corneum and the hydrolipidic film on the skin surface.

Dermatological bio-treatments

Line of bio-treatments and dermatological Selvert Thermal Dermatologique preparations is designed for skin with allergy, hypersensitivity, problematic, very difficult and extremely demanding. It allows to take care of the skin with a seriously disturbed water or fat management, with rosacea, after a strong antibiotic treatment, chemotherapy, surgical interventions and aesthetic medicine (plastic surgeries, injections, dermabrasion).

Cellular bio-treatments

Skin stem cells, because of its regenerating activity, play a key role in maintaining a youthful appearance of the face. The passage of time and environmental aggressions slows down the activity of stem cells, which contributes to the loss of skin firmness and density. It begins to show signs of aging.