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Depilacja EpilFree

EpilFree is a program for permanent hair removal, based on natural plant ingredients. It was created by Dr. Joel Konis - the world known scientist specializing in cosmetology. EpilFree program consists of three products for selected areas of the body: face, a delicate part of the body (bikini, underarms) and preparation for other parts of the body such as the back, arms, legs.

The biggest advantages of EpilFree are: it is painless, possible to use also for those types of skin and hair color (blond, red, gray), with which the use of laser or IPL is not effective, security and possibility to sunbathe after the procedure.

Epilfree – how it works

The main active ingredient of the product is a natural extract of the dove herb (Cheldonium Majus), which inhibits cell division, thus delaying the regrowth of hair. Similarly the Alpine Mantle - it works on cells, inhibiting their division. Cosmetics contain also extracts from rosemary and eucalyptus, which have nutritional properties, as well as extracts form rhubarb and licorice, which have soothing effect. The formulations are applied on the skin immediately after hair removal, when hair follicles are open, to allow the penetration of active substances in EpilFree cosmetics and to reach hair cells, thereby inhibiting their division.

Effects of epilfree application

EpilFree series of treatments can reduce by about 85% the rate of hair growth and their quantity. After the treatment with EpilFree, your hair will grow back lighter and weaker. A huge advantage of this method is the fact that it is applicable for both women and men, for all types of skin (even dark) and hair (light, gray, red), where the hair removal with laser or IPL is inefficient.