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Satin kenya spa package

Soothing ceremony for sensitive and tired skin. Delicate extracts from cotton to protect and strengthen the skin, compensate for lipid deficiency. The skin gains subtleness and smoothness. Delicate floral scent brings you to the world of relaxation.

  • Desensitizing facial treatment from Selvert - it is the source of moisture and protection for over-reactive skin. Minimizes inflammatory reactions of the skin, desensitizes and calms. Improves the permeability of blood vessels. Its effect is soothing and elimination of congestion in the cuperosis (rupture of blood vessels). Balances the lipid coat, makes the skin soft, moisturized and renew.
  • Smoothing paraffin treatment for hands - intensively regenerating treatment for hands with peeling, regenerating mask and paraffin mask, which firms, deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin and nourishes nails. Heated, liquid paraffin contains large amounts of natural greasing substances. It also makes all the preparations applied to the skin before bathing, operate more efficiently so that it becomes velvety smooth.
  • Salt peeling of the entire body - African flowers - gently exfoliating scrub based on sugar and nourishing oils: soy and almond. The addition of beeswax relaxes and softens the skin and shea butter moisturizes and nourishes. With the addition of Wakame algae, peeling perfectly regenerates and strengthens dry skin, strongly tightens and firms.
  • Full body massage for pregnant women - African flowers - special, hour-long massage for women during pregnancy, which helps to experience this remarkable time in the health and well-being. It prevents stretch marks, pain and swelling and the future mom can relax and enjoy motherhood. Unusual flavor of African flowers pampers the senses and relaxes. After the massage the skin is moisturized and nourished and sustained on the skin aroma carries you to the journey through the Black Continent.

480 PLN
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