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Beautytek - theory and how it works

Beautytek is the first biocybernetic camera designed for cosmetic use. It works like medical devices – it reads the actual tissue parameters and calculates the difference between the standard and the current situation. Centimeter by centimeter, it tries to introduce tissue balance and start all the nourishing and repairing mechanisms using subliminal impulses. These are the most compatible with the biology of the body impulses with low intensity, calculated and controlled 40 000 times per second. They reinforce the electromotive force causing movement of ions to be able to penetrate into the defective area and push nutrients into the cells. With the ion diffusion occurs restoring fluid and electrolyte balance in the intracellular and extracellular spaces. Energy balance and balance of acidity in treated area of ​​the body is created. Proper metabolism, microcirculation (brings nutrients to cells), oxygenation, lymph drainage (helps them to get rid of toxins and waste) and repair processes return. This causes a series of reactions that affect our appearance. Tissues regenerated from the inside improve their structure and the skin and muscles become much more firm.