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Icoone is the newest generation of vacuum massage, which allows for precise work on the connective tissue. Treatments by affecting the functioning of connective tissue effectively remove cellulite, contour the body and tighten loose skin as well as reduce lymphoedema, scars and muscle stiffness. Microbubbles stimulation of fibroblasts is also used in anti-aging programs on the face, neck and neckline. Patented technology gives excellent results in the treatment of the sensitive mouth area as well as upper and lower eyelids.

Icoone - 3D Endermologie

Icoone is the only device based on the latest scientific research by prof. Gimberteau in 2005 on the spatial structure of the skin. According to these studies, ICOONE work is based on patented Roboderm technology, using mechanized massage heads with rollers with a number of micro pores, which produce multi-bubble stimulation. Innovation construction of treatment heads allow for precise and profound impact on every millimeter of skin without stretching or any damage causing. Treatments are suitable for all skin types of all ages ( vascular skin is not a contraindication).

Icoone med

Facial treatments performed directly on the skin using a dedicated head. Face programs lift your skin, improve facial contours, reduce fat deposits on the chin, reduce wrinkles, stimulate fibroblasts to the synthesis of elastin and collagen. Icoone improves lip contour, firms the skin and improves its tone.