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LPG endermologie

Endermologie® is a scientific method of cell stimulation developed by LPG® whose effectiveness is confirmed by over 105 scientific studies. It causes the cells to reactivate the deep layers of the skin, through its mechanical stimulation. This process is painless and non-invasive. Application areas of this technology include: health care and beauty, wellness, sport, therapy and aesthetic medicine.

LPG endermologie integral

Cellu M6® Integral is the latest LPG® device. It is a combination of power and modern technology, making achieving the results previously unavailable, possible. This latest generation of camera allows you to use two techniques of Endermologie® when performing high-precision procedures in the body (Lipomassage®) and face (Endermolift®) areas.

Face endermologie

The modern, non-invasive technology ensures perfect drainage and natural face, neck and chest lift by combining rhythmic, three-dimensional vacuum massage with a vibrating massage to the deep layers of the skin. The intensive, three-dimensional stimulation of deep layers of the skin, stimulates fibroblasts (skin cells) to produce collagen and elastin, resulting in firming, smoothing and improving skin tone, reducing the depth of wrinkles and reducing the outline imperfections.

Medical endermologie

Aesthetic Medicine, as a result previously unseen in the market interest, is under the rapid evolution. Modern technologies are becoming more sophisticated and patients are looking for the best, least invasive treatments and natural-looking results. Customers are no longer willing to achieve the effect of a younger appearance by all means, they do not want to incur high costs. Today's aesthetic medicine combines the best available, scientifically proven techniques to help women and men get older and still look attractive.