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LPG Endermologie Cellu M6® Integral

Cellu M6® Integral is the latest LPG® device. It is a combination of power and modern technology, making achieving the results previously unavailable, possible. This latest generation of camera allows you to use two techniques of Endermologie® when performing high-precision procedures in the body (Lipomassage®) and face (Endermolift®) areas.

LPG Cellu M6® Integral uses exclusive Enedermologie® technology, that allows execution of 100% natural treatments of stimulating the tissue, aimed at beauty and health. LPG Cellu M6® Integral is one of the most effective ways to combat cellulite, excess fat, skin laxity and facial and body edema.


Unique features of the latest LPG Cellu M6® Endermologie:

  • higher efficiency - improved mechanical stimulation, the effectiveness proved by clinical studies (after 8 weeks of treatment with the Endermologie® with Mecano-Stimulation technique, collagen level in the skin is increased by 240%, elastin-180% and lipolysis process is increased by 70%),
  • achieves 50x more effectiveness with body treatments and 3x greater effectiveness with face treatments,
  • larger size rollers, larger chamber, better suction characteristics – both the rolls and the suction chamber are bigger than the ones in a traditional endermologie, making the treatment more precise and deeper,
  • greater number of heads and a new kind of heads increases the treatment possibilities thus ensures greater efficiency and stronger skin firming,
  • treatment for the facial area - the new heads (heads with flaps) with a new method for precise and more effective treatments also for the face area (3x more efficient): reduction of crow's feet, wrinkles around the mouth, skin firming - the first effects are visible immediately after executing the procedure.
  • new way of use, for example therapeutic for pregnant women and for athletes.

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