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Anita Sokołowska Uważam, że prawdziwe piękno zapewnia spokój i harmonię w życiu codziennym, a duchowa równowaga zawsze emanuje na zewnątrz ciała.
Dorota Gardias My work requires a very particular care of my appearance. I do not experiment with this things, specialists know best!
Julia Kamińska Bycie ambasadorką Ambasady Urody to zaszczyt. Jest tu profesjonalnie, pięknie, domowo, wręcz rodzinnie :-)...
Sylwia Madeńska

Sylwia Madeńska poleca Ambasadę Urody w Warszawie.

Katarzyna Herman Such a lovely place! Divinely even! And oddly always on the way…
Joanna Opozda Wizyty w Ambasadzie Urody to dla mnie pora relaksu i odprężenia. Oddaję się w ręce specjalistów, którzy doskonale znają moje potrzeby...
Aleksandra Niespielak There are many places in Warsaw, where you can take care of yourself- but only one in which I feel this good...
Izabela Trojanowska Ambasada Urody has for years been my go-to place, when I want to take care of myself...
Magdalena Perlińska Ambasada Urody to miejsce, w którym znajduję ukojenie dla ciała i ducha po intensywnym dniu na planie...
Ewa Szlachcic Już po pierwszej wizycie w Ambasadzie Urody wiedziałam, że jest to miłość od pierwszego… masażu :)...

Phenom polymer pedicure


Phenom is a phenomenal polymer manicure system that dries quickly while fostering healthy and beautiful appearance of nails. This breakthrough technology does not require usage of UV lamp or LED. It is a flawless manicure that stays on up to 10 days. Phenom is a phenomenal collection of 24 vibrant colors.

PHENOM is a breakthrough technology that:

  • dries very quickly on the nails.
  • it maintains its beautiful appearance, because the base is JESSICA conditioner.
  • it does not require UV lamp or LED.
  • manicure is maintained on the nails up to 10 days.
  • Phenomenal collection of palette with 24 intriguing colors.
  • Phenom paint washes off with ordinary cleaner.

Professional Phenom Polymer coatings dry very quickly under the influence of natural sunlight. There is no need to use UV lamp or a UV LED. Beautifully sparkling, they are resistant to scratches and stays on up to 10 days. It can be removed easily using ordinary paint remover. It is available in 24 unique shades created personally by Jessica which meets the highest criteria of elegance and in conformity with the latest trends. The basis for varnishes are nutrients primer JESSICA® which protects, nourishes and strengthens the nails and is very unique. It is environment friendly and does not contain harmful dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and camphor.

Finale Shine – shining polymer hardener gives a perfect shine. It contains molecules which together with the polymer contained in the varnish Phenom, hardens the manicure under the influence of natural sunlight which makes it become more resistant to any scratches and spatter for a long time.

130 PLN
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