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Waterfall Ritual

An intensive program that de-stress the mind and detoxify the body for people working in closed rooms and leading a sedentary lifestyle. Restores body energy, muscle flexibility and relief of stressed skin.

  • Sea Body Mask - strongly detoxifies the body, cleanses the skin of toxins and dead skin cells. Brings relief to stressed skin, rejuvenates it, remineralizes, improves blood circulation, strengthens it.
  • SPA bath or Aemotio SPA - rest on a comfortable, heated bed, allowing you to feel a beneficial effect on the body of hot steam saturated with herbs and essential oils. Moist heat stimulates the skin's secretory activity, stimulating it to release harmful waste products and toxins. Water vapor penetrates deeply into the skin and moisturizes, positively affecting it
  • Body Chiromassage - a 90-minute relaxing and therapeutic massage - a variety of massage techniques, thanks to which it is possible to restore muscle flexibility in a very short time. It is used not only as a relaxing or therapeutic treatment, but also can be successfully included in anti-age prophylaxis. Positively affects muscles and joints as well as blood and lymph circulation. Chiromassage, as a therapeutic massage, is used in the case of fatigue and muscle tension as well as functional and functional ailments of the entire locomotor apparatus.

440 PLN
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