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LPG Endermologie for cellulite

LPG Endermologie treatment helps to shape the figure and firm the skin. Endermologie® is the first FDA approved cellulite reduction treatment. LPG® ROLLERS affect 3 components of cellulite: water retention, fibrosis and adipocyte hypertrophy.

The Lipomassage LPG program is intended for body treatments, whose task is: slimming, smoothing, firming and body shaping. Lipomassage LPG is a unique technique for body shaping using cell stimulation. Patented LPG rollers equipped with independent engines, with the ability to adjust the rotation speed and direction, with the function of continuous or sequential suction, gently knead the skin and accumulated fat. The effect of Endermologie® on fat cells is the reactivation of the natural process of lipolysis (fat release), beginning to eliminate their content. The released fat is converted into energy that stimulates the metabolism process.

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Endermologie LPG Integral is one of the most effective ways to combat cellulite, excess body fat, flaccidity of the skin and swelling of the body. The aim of body treatments is: slimming, smoothing, toning and body sculpting. Lipomassage LPG
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