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VelaShape - cellulite + slimming + firming

Endermology + RF + IR

The VelaShape device represents a new generation of devices based on vacuum massage and clinically proven, patented elos technology recognized by doctors worldwide.

The use of elos technology (simultaneous exposure to infrared light and bipolar RF current) effectively raises the skin temperature to a depth of 15 mm! The effect of this action is the emptying of fat cells. Intensive (with the same head) intensive massage performed with vacuum and mechanically driven rollers smooths the skin and makes the fibrous bonds elastic. This reduces cellulite.

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450 PLN
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300 PLN
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VelaShape III -anti-cellulite treatment

Velashape III eliminates cellulite and firms the skin by heating the subcutaneous fat layer with bipolar current and infrared light, and stimulating fibrous bonds with effective vacuum and mechanical massages.
from 600 PLN
Medical Spa Wilanów 22 253 23 23